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Fines of up to 500 euros for drivers who do not carry these three mandatory documents

BayRadio | February 17, 2022
Guardia Civil, Spanish Road Traffic Police, Stopping A Car On The Roadside.

An agent of the DGT can ask any driver for one of the three mandatory documents everyone must carry. In the case of not being able to provide this documentation, the driver faces fines that may amount to 500 euros.

The aim of the DGT is to ensure road safety on Spanish roads. By 2050, the goal is to reduce fatal road accidents to zero. Traffic insists on correctly carrying the necessary documentation when a driver is on the road.

The mandatory documents that every driver must carry when driving are the driving licence, the Roadworthiness Test Card and the circulation permitt. If you do not carry any of these documents, fines could reach 500 euros.

Penalties for failure to carry mandatory documents

The fine for not carrying the driver’s license is 10 euros. The figure can amount to 80 euros in case any of the data is incorrect or not updated. If your driving licence is expired, the fine will be EUR 200. Those who drive with their driver’s license withdrawn face fines of 500 euros.

Carrying the Technical Inspection Card is indispensable. The fine for not carrying the card or certificate is 10 euros. If the ITV is expired, the fine will be 200 euros.

Since 2008, it is not mandatory to carry insurance in the car, agents can check the data. However, if it is found that the car does not have insurance, the fine will range between 600 and 3,000 euros.

If you do not have your registration card in your car, you will be fined 10 euros. The fine will be 500 euros if you travel without authorisation.

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