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White House’s first reaction to the Russian attack on Ukraine: “The world will hold Russia accountable”

BayRadio | February 24, 2022

During the early hours of this Thursday, Vladimir Putin announced “a military operation” in Ukraine to “bring to justice those who committed numerous bloody crimes against peaceful people, including Russian nationals”. The war in Ukraine has begun, the government of Volodymyr Zelensky has decreed martial law and the Ukrainians were woken up by the sound of explosions.

The White House’s first reaction to the Russian attack on Ukraine. Joe Biden reacted with a statement that “the world will hold Russia responsible”. The president announced that he is moving the meeting with his G7 counterparts to this Thursday. National Security Council advisers are in the West Wing of the White House preparing for Biden’s difficult task of explaining to Americans what the next step will be. Biden announces that they will approve this Thursday “severe sanctions”.

“President Putin has started a premeditated war that will cause catastrophic losses in lives and human suffering. Only Russia is responsible for the death and destruction this attack will entail. The United States and its allies and partners will respond decisively. The world will hold Russia accountable,” Joe Biden said in the statement.

From the United States they have assured hours before the beginning of the invasion that they would take harsh economic sanctions against Russia in case of attack, the sending of troops to Ukraine does not enter the plans of Biden.”The president has been very clear and consistent: He will not send US troops to fight in Ukraine,” said Jen Psaki, a White House spokesperson. It indicated that “there is no scenario” for this to happen.

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