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A mass of polar air and a Mediterranean storm bring back the cold to Spain this Thursday

BayRadio | March 1, 2022
Snow Dana

Although the week has begun with stable temperatures and even felt like spring, from Thursday a polar air mass will arrive in the country that will bring back the cold and even cause a DANA, according to the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET). With the passage of this storm night frosts are expected, rains, snowfalls in the mountainous territories and high places of the peninsular interior and daytime temperatures between five and ten degrees lower than normal.

Rubén del Campo, spokesman for AEMET, explains that “rainfall affected various areas of Spain during the weekend”, there were large accumulations in the north of the Canary Islands, where “more than 30 liters per square meter in some points”. Del Campo indicates that in Extremadura and Andalusia 20 liters per square meter were recorded.

March will start with stable weather until next Thursday when the polar mass arrives. ” From Thursday we will have significant changes in the atmospheric situation.

The entry into the Peninsula of a polar mass of cold air “will cause temperatures to drop markedly in much of the Peninsula, especially in the northwest quadrant”, indicates del Campo. The spokesman does not rule out the start of a DANA and “at the same time a storm in the Mediterranean”. This could cause intense and persistent rains in the eastern Cantabrian and the Pyrenees area, “as well as showers in regions bathed by the Mediterranean and east and south of Aragon”.

From AEMET they report that the precipitations will be deployed for the third of the peninsular east and arriving to provoke possible snowfalls in the mountains of the north and east of the Peninsula. Del Campo notifies that “that DANA and Mediterranean squall of Friday will soon move away from the Peninsula towards the east”.

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