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Pedro Sánchez announces that he will send weapons to the Ukrainian resistance

BayRadio | March 2, 2022

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has appeared in the Congress of Deputies to address the action of Spain before the war in Ukraine, one of the main measures adopted is that of sending arms to Ukraine “As I see that there are groups that question the commitment of the Government of Spain and for me and for the Government is so important unity, I announce that Spain will deliver offensive military material to the Ukrainian resistance,” Sánchez confessed.

Among the other sanctions that will be imposed on Russia in the face of its invasion of Ukraine is the declaration of Russia as a tax haven, including the country in the blacklist. Such sanctions are intended to isolate the Putin government. In addition, President Sánchez calls for political unity in this conflict that affects the country.

Sánchez, has defended this unity of all groups in the face of the “brutal attack of Putin on Europe” and has stressed that “today the no to the war in Iraq is the no to the war of Putin”. The Prime Minister has also explained that Spain will not send troops to Ukraine just as NATO will not.

During the first minutes of the intervention of the President of the Government, the Congress of Deputies has dedicated a long applause to the number two of the Embassy of Ukraine in Spain, Dmytro Matiuschenko, who was in the plenary as invited to continue the appearance. Sánchez has expressed the “pain of the Spanish people for the loss of human lives”.

After the announcement of the sending of arms to Ukraine, the PSOE deputies, socialist ministers of the Government and the deputies of opposition formations have begun a loud applause in which the vice president Yolanda Díaz and the ministers of Podemos, Ione Belarra and Irene Montero, and IU’s Alberto Garzón, have not participated.

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