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The 8M and the war in Ukraine: Resisting with weapons, reporting or refuging with their children

BayRadio | March 8, 2022
Woman Ukraine

Today is 8M: International Women’s Day. With weapons in hand defending Ukraine from the invasion of Russia. With their children in arms fleeing the war or hiding in bunkers. Reporting, helping the wounded.

It’s almost two weeks since the war began in Ukraine. This March 8 also recalls the stories of many women who resist and suffer the armed conflict that they have had to live.

Some women decide to resist and defend themselves against the invasion of Russian troops. ” We must do everything possible to protect ourselves and our territory”.

Doctors and nurses who care for the wounded who arrive when medicines begin to be a scarce product in some territories. Give birth in the middle of bombing or sew with camouflage cloths the fences so the Army can hide from the enemy.

There are those who decide to leave the country leaving behind a life to be able to save, away from the explosions, the children. There are also those who decide to stay, as is the case of Olena Zelenska, first lady of Ukraine, who decided to stay in Ukraine and so communicated on Twitter: “Today I will not panic or cry. I will be calm and confident. My children look at me. I will be with them and with my husband. I love Ukraine…”.

Others decide to stay to report what is happening in Ukraine, to be the eyes of the war.

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