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This is the cheapest day and hour to get fuel

BayRadio | March 11, 2022
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To go by the petrol station these days is not nice. We are seeing how the price of fuel climbs every day and set a new historical record. Average fuel prices are climbing again today and we have been up for six consecutive weeks.

Unleaded petrol of 95 costs us 1.86 euros per liter and diesel 1.84 euros. Yesterday the prices were already exorbitant the unleaded of 95 was 1,85 euros/liter and diesel 1,81 euros/liter.

We are talking about the fact that the price of a litre of fuel has risen by several cents in just 24 hours. The war in Ukraine is provoking an unstoppable escalation that leaves us with this scenario. Since the beginning of March we paid 23 cents more on average for unleaded petrol of 95 and 32 cents more for the liter of diesel. On March 1, 2022, fuel marked, on average, 1.63 euros per litre of unleaded 95 and diesel was 1.52 euros per litre.

What’s the best day of the week to refuel?

The “Monday effect” has disappeared. Before this crisis in Ukraine Mondays were the best day of the week to save a few cents at the gas station. This is because Mondays is the day of the week on which gas stations set and communicate their prices as explained David Villareal Fernández, Editorial Director of ‘Diario Motor’. Then the rates, in general, are adding cents as the days progress to reach their maximum in the weekend. I mean, the most expensive days were Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. And we say were because all this now no longer serves said David Villareal “every day is more expensive than the previous and with this dynamic we can now say that the cheapest day was yesterday”. So if we need fuel, the director of ‘Diario Motor’ recommends that “it is best to refuel as soon as possible, it will be cheaper today than tomorrow”.

Is there a cheaper time to get gas?

Well, here, it’s the same. In general, the evolution of prices historically shows that early in the day prices can be cheaper and that, in some cases, refueling at the same gas station at night can cost some extra cents more. But all these clues for now no longer serve us to save, because the war between Russia and Ukraine has changed everything.

And the advice, insists David Villareal, is the same “we will save more if we refuel now” because fuel prices will continue to rise.

Under normal conditions, they explain, it was also more expensive to fill the tank before a bridge or a holiday.

The liter of fuel exceeds 2 euros

The average prices of gasoline and diesel are soaring and in many petrol stations it already exceed 2 euros/liter. Diesel, the most consumed automotive fuel in Spain, is already sold above two euros per liter in more than eighty gas stations in the country, a figure that in just 24 hours has multiplied. This is clear at least from the data collected this Thursday by the Geoportal of the Ministry for Ecological Transition, which collects in real time fuel prices in more than 11,000 petrol stations in Spain.

Tricks to save

With the fuels through the clouds it is difficult to save, almost an impossible mission, but the engine experts give us some recommendations to optimize and try to save:

  • Find the cheapest gas stations
  • Refuel first thing today or when it is less hot
  • Do not wait for the reserve
  • Avoid refuelling when the tanker is unloading

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