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A large outbreak of coronavirus leads to confine Shenzhen, the Chinese ‘Silicon Valley’

BayRadio | March 14, 2022

The coronavirus isn’t over. China has announced the confinement of much of the city of Shenzhen, with 17 million inhabitants and headquarters of large technology companies such as Huawei and Tencen, by a coronavirus outbreak that has been classified as the worst since the beginning of the pandemic two years ago.

The Chinese health authorities have reported 66 new cases of coronavirus and the explosion of the omni variant, because from Monday they will enter quarantine state. According to the Chinese international state newspaper ‘Global Times’, all transportation throughout the city and all residential complexes will remain closed.

The data offered today show 1,807 cases in the last 24 hours in the mainland of the city, the highest number of cases recorded in the entire pandemic. This is not at all alarming when compared to the total population of 1,411 million. In any case, the Chinese authorities have decided not to take risks and to introduce restrictive measures before the virus begins to spread further.

After the outbreak that started the covid-19 pandemic unleashed in the Chinese city of Wuham, China created a “zero covid” policy against the virus, through which the authorities must be very restrictive with measures to prevent its spread. In the total pandemic, the country has registered 114,000 infections and 4,636 deaths.

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