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Will there be a seventh wave of coronavirus in Spain?

BayRadio | March 15, 2022
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Two years have passed since the first state alarm was declared for the coronavirus pandemic and the streets were left empty due to general confinement. Since then, Spain has surpassed 11 million infections and more than 100,000 people have died from COVID-19.

Also since then the country has gone through six waves and several variants of the SARS-CoV-2. However, measures to contain virus transmission and vaccination have significantly reduced the incidence of the disease.

The latest Health data have confirmed a slight improvement in the main epidemiological indicators of the COVID-19, but experts continue to ask caution to the population because they warn, we are finishing the sixth wave, but not the pandemic.

Therefore, the question now is whether there will be a seventh wave of COVID-19. In early February, Rafael Bengoa, a public health expert and former Obama adviser, acknowledged that a new wave was difficult: “This pandemic is of variants, mutations are emerging frequently, we are surprised, this latest wave is omni, there are many infected but vaccination has been very positive, it is difficult to have more waves, yes there may be outbreaks”.

For his part, the immunologist Alfredo Corell considers that the coronavirus seems to have arrived to stay: “It could be the evolution to an endemic virus that we have waves every year”. Although, such waves would not be as virulent as the previous ones.

The government prefers to wait to remove the masks indoors, even though some community like Madrid has already requested it. The objective of the Executive that directs Pedro Sánchez is to endure until the incidence, which is in the 430 cases, is reduced a little more.

“We will see if this month we can reduce it completely and have a scenario that is comparable to other countries that have made the decision with higher incidences”, said the President of the Government.

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