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Shortages and roads affected, the first effects caused by the transport strike

BayRadio | March 18, 2022
Truck Strike Spain

Roads affected by long queues of trucks in them, along with several pickets in key areas such as wholesale markets. The Guardia Civil and the National Police have deployed more than 23,000 officers to ensure supplies throughout the country. Some of the deliveries have even been made with a police escort.

It’s been five days since the transport strike began due to the rise in fuel prices. They demand immediate action by the Government.

The transport strike has caused problems in the supply. Even some sectors, such as dairy, have had to stop their activity by warning of the loss of milk produced. They warn of a shortage of supermarkets if the strike persists. Others such as the fruit and steel industry threaten to stop production.

The transport strike has its first effects. Therefore, the objective of the deployment is to try to avoid them before the stop of hundreds of carriers. The incidence of the strike has caused Mercabarna to reach half of the fish that normally arrives to sell.

Long queues of trucks have formed almost all over Spain; Cantabria, Seville, Madrid, Valladolid or Barcelona. Dozens of roads have been affected.

“We can’t go out, it costs us money to go out to work,” they denounce and so they make slow marches.

But not everyone thinks so. Those who have worked have struggled to do so because of pickets at the gates of large wholesale markets. In Cáceres they tried to block the exit to the A-66 in front of the riot police.

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