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Why do truck drivers not consider the 500 million in diesel aid sufficient to stop the strike?

BayRadio | March 22, 2022
Truck Strike Spain

The stoppage in the transport sector this Tuesday marks nine days, a period during which part of the supply chain in Spain has collapsed. The strike, called by the Platform for the Defense of the Road Freight Transport Sector to protest against the unbridled increase in the price of fuel and the lack of measures taken by the Government in this regard, threatens to be extended indefinitely after transporters have rejected the aid to diesel for 500 million euros proposed yesterday by the Executive of Pedro Sánchez.

The reasons for rejecting this aid are several. The first, explained the participants of the strike (to which several big employers joined yesterday), is the lack of information that has accompanied the announcement of the Government. “Who, when, how and for how long will this aid reach?” asked Julio Villaescusa, president of FENADISMER (National Federation of Transport Associations of Spain).

In addition to this subsidised refuelling aid, which in any case they consider insufficient and, above all, ambiguous, there are other claims that have not been addressed, explain the carriers. It should be noted that, although the increase in the price of diesel and gasoline has been the trigger of this strike, this is not the only reason. There are several more.

One of them is that salaried carriers are allowed to retire at the age of 60, because driving is considered a risky profession.

They also call, in this sense, for the recognition of occupational diseases related to the exercise of their work activity. A measure that should cover both employees and self-employed.

They also demand that the Government consider as work accidents “all those that occurred during periods of work and availability within the professional activity”.

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