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Pedro Sánchez is convinced that this week they will reach an agreement with the transport strike

BayRadio | March 23, 2022
Mondadori Lifestyle Collection March 18, 2022

The siege is tightened, the pressure is increasing and the government knows it. This Friday was scheduled a new meeting between Moncloa and the National Road Transport Committee. But, according to sources from Moncloa, the meeting is ahead of this Thursday 24 and will be present the head of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, the Minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño and the Treasury, María Jesús Montero.

They claim to be committed to the transport sector and that effective measures will be specifically and clearly addressed at this meeting. In addition, the same sources assure that they will maintain the dialogue with the legitimate representatives of the sector for as long as necessary because they have the firm will to reach an agreement.

“We are going to reach an agreement, I am convinced, this week with the transport sector to find a solution and to cushion the rise in the price of diesel, and for all to make a great plan that responds to the consequences of the war in Ukraine and to approve it on 29 March”said Pedro Sánchez in the executive control session. Up to 3 times has insisted that they will reach an agreement.

The government already unsuccessfully attempted to curb the protests by announcing a €500 million bonus for professional diesel, but the protests did not stop. The lack of concreteness of the measure was key.

The pressure on the roads and on the streets is the most pressing. The threat of shortages and the paralysis of factories if the strike persists puts the government in need of urgent agreements. And that pressure is also transferred to Congress.

The PP, through its spokesman, Cuca Gamarra, accuses the government of inaction. They ask for measures that, in any case, ensure that they arrive late. Also regular government partners such as ERC or Más País demand market intervention to lower prices. They ask Sanchez to raise electricity prices and a surcharge on electricity.

But Sanchez defends that the government “has been “months” lowering 60% the tax on the price of light “so that the most vulnerable are not affected” and, regarding energy, will wait until March 29 to take measures.

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