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Spain eliminates quarantine of asymptomatic covid starting next Monday

BayRadio | March 23, 2022

Starting on Monday, coronavirus sufferers who have no symptoms of the disease or who have them in a milder form will no longer be required to quarantine. As confirmed by the Public Health Commission, the new ‘Surveillance and Control Strategy against covid-19’ has been approved today Tuesday, which adopts that novelty for asymptomatic patients. The measure, which will enter into force next Monday, confirms a further step in the ‘gripping’ of the coronavirus.

Therefore, starting next week, only three groups will have to quarantine: the most vulnerable population -health workers will assess the risk of people-; residents in senior centers and those admitted to hospitals; where they will remain compulsory despite any symptomatology of the people, although the isolations will last five days and will end after 24 hours without any symptoms; and the medical personnel, to which the same measure shall be applied and shall be released from quarantine only when the patient gives a negative result on a diagnostic test.

The Public Health Commission has also changed the indication to perform diagnostic tests. Therefore, starting next Monday, all surveillance will focus on people with greater vulnerability and severe cases. According to the diagnosis, patients with mild symptoms compatible with coronavirus should be performed ”according to the clinical management needs of the same’, says the Ministry of Health.

A priori, the technicians of the Public Health Commission affirm that the variations ‘are based on the high levels of immunity achieved in the Spanish population’ that ”they have identified a change in covid epidemiology that supports the transition to a different strategy that monitors and directs actions to people and areas of greater vulnerability and monitors large covid cases, and in vulnerable areas and people’.

Written by BayRadio

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