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The transport strike begins to affect the hospitality industry

BayRadio | March 24, 2022
Transport Strike

The transport strike begins to affect hospitality and restaurants react with crisis menus. Some hospitality establishments can not offer the products advertised in their menus and the sector alerts the closure of many of them if the situation continues.

In restaurants they begin to notice the ravages of the strike of transporters. The products do not arrive, so we have already had to stop offering some of the dishes. ”

Many of the foods offered to customers are fresh and with designation of origin. ” The cheese, which comes from Asturias, cider or milk, all this is already being brought in small vans and they say that if this is not solved there will be problems”.

In some restaurants the dishes continue to go out as usual, although one of the fundamental products can start to be scarce: “Every 15 days we receive 50 liters of sunflower oil and now we only receive 5 and they tell us that they don’t know when this will change”.

The situation is similar in supermarkets. There is again a lack of basic products such as milk or oil. The fear of shortages has provoked a wave of compulsive purchases to stock up on basic commodities. And some supermarkets warn that there will be punctual failures due to the strike of transporters.

The National Federation of Fishing Guilds (FNCP) has decided to interrupt the strike that has kept the boats moored in many Spanish ports. The sector takes this decision after the announcement of the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, on the measures of the Government to tackle the rise in marine diesel.

The fleet will return to fishing and fishing activity will resume.

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