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Clock change 2022: This Sunday at 2am it will be 3am

BayRadio | March 25, 2022
Clock Change

In March the clocks will change again due to summer time. All clocks must be brought forward one hour to enter stability with the summer and spring hours. Unfortunately, Saturday night through Sunday we’ll sleep an hour less.

This is because when the hands of the clock point at two in the morning, the hour will have to be brought forward to three. This spring time change will affect every country belonging to the European Union (EU), with the idea of matching working hours with available daylight hours. So from Sunday sunsets will be later, until autumn arrives.

How will daylight saving time affect you?

Mainly, the clearest effect of the time change is that it will be dawn and dusk about an hour later, so more natural daylight will be available in the afternoons. Therefore, the benefit is usually noticed in leisure businesses such as catering.

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