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Margarita del Val warns: “Removing quarantines will be more likely to get infected”

BayRadio | March 25, 2022
Margarita Del Val

The Minister of Health signed this morning the agreement with Pfizer to buy 334,000 pills of Paxlovid, the antiviral of this pharmaceutical. The first doses will be distributed next Monday. Meanwhile, experts warn of the consequences of lifting quarantines.

“Until all Spaniards are infected with omicron, the waves will not really go down again. When lifting measures, removing quarantines, what there will be is more chances to spread,” explained virologist Margarita del Val.

The Committee on Public Health adopted new measures after its meeting last Tuesday. As a significant development, the Health Department took a step further in the relaxation of measures against the coronavirus and eliminated the obligation to keep quarantine for those infected with coronaviruses who do not have symptoms of the disease or who have them in a milder form.

This is a measure that will enter into force next Monday and that reduces the obligation to quarantine to 3 groups: the vulnerable population, residents of senior centers and admitted in hospitals and cases with severe symptoms.

In addition, the Interterritorial Council also adopted the decision on Wednesday to recover 100% capacity in sports venues both outdoors and indoors and allow the sale and consumption of drink and food in football and basketball stadiums.

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