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Security measures to protect Vladimir Putin in his day to day

BayRadio | March 25, 2022
Putin Security

The decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to start a war in Ukraine has caused him to live day by day with security measures to protect himself. Any measure is paramount, from having 24-hour surveillance to having supervision on food and drink before he ingests it.

The former KGB member has the Russian Federal Protection Service (FSO) that protects him and his family. But also other high-ranking officials, says the ‘BBC’. They are protected 24 hours a day and dressed in black.

When agents accompany him outside, they organize themselves into four circles. The nearest one is made up of his personal bodyguards, according to the medium ‘Russia Beyond’. The goal is to keep Vladimir Putin safe at all times.

The second circle consists of guards who pass unnoticed among the public. The third circle surrounds the perimeter and prohibits the passage of suspicious people. The last and fourth circle is formed by snipers.

This security is supported by the ‘Russian National Guard’ led by Viktor Zolotov, Putin’s former bodyguard. It is independent of the Armed Forces and has increased its strength by some 400,000.

Another safety measure is to exercise extreme caution with food. Vladimir Putin has a personal taster who tastes everything the president will ingest. In addition, his bodyguards supervise while cooking.

They also protect him by blocking mobile phones. Putin has on occasion confessed that he does not use the devices and that if he wants to talk to someone has an official maximum security line to do so.

Among all these measures, there are others due to the appearance of the coronavirus pandemic. To meet with Vladimir Putin, a mandatory two-week quarantine or PCR has been implemented.

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