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New Coronavirus Rules Move to ‘Flu-Free’: No More Quarantines and PCR

BayRadio | March 28, 2022
Medical Worker Wearing Personal Protective Equipment Doing Coron

This Monday, Spain takes an important step towards the so-called “gripalization” of the Covid-19. The mandatory isolation of those who test positive disappears. Mild and asymptomatic confirmed cases will not be isolated and close contacts will not be quarantined. In this regard, recommendations will be issued for preventive measures such as the use of masks in all areas and avoiding contact with vulnerable people.

It will now be the health workers who will impose quarantine or not depending on the risk of each patient. You will act with those infected in a similar way as you do when you have a flu or a cold.

Asymptomatic cases will have to go to work, although teleworking is recommended. On the contrary, employees from vulnerable environments or those attending these groups will not come to their work in the first 5 days from the onset of symptoms or the date of diagnosis; on the fifth day, and if the symptoms have disappeared, an antigen test shall be performed and, if positive, repeated every 24 hours until negative.

Surveillance will focus on those over 60 and also on people with pathologies that make them vulnerable to the virus. A healthy person will no longer have a PCR, so will not count as positive.

This does not mean that the virus will not continue to be monitored in case new variants appear. Moreover, if the situation worsens the Ministry of Health could again impose the restrictions. ” This strategy will remain in force until there is a significant change in the trend indicating uncontrolled circulation of SARS-CoV-2 or a change in the epidemiological situation that requires the re-establishment of surveillance and control measures on the proposal of the Report of Alerts and Preparedness and Response Plans,” the Ministry explained.

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