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Sánchez calls for unity in Congress in the face of war, inflation and 2 years of “sanitary, meteorological and human misfortunes”

BayRadio | March 30, 2022
Mondadori Lifestyle Collection March 18, 2022

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has demanded this Wednesday morning the support of the groups of the Congress to the national anti-crisis plan before the consequences of the war in Ukraine, an endorsement that hopes to achieve despite the unanimous rejection that his partners will transfer.

“What else has to happen to respond together and put aside grudges” after two years in which we have suffered the “pandemic of the coronavirus, the volcano in La Palma, a snowstorm, fires, a sandstorm and now the war in Ukraine”, said Sánchez in a much longer intervention than usual.

Before going into explaining the anti-crisis plan proposed by the government to deal with inflation, the president highlighted the “bad data” of the CPI that has been known this morning. ” It is a bad data” that affects the Spanish economy and society, and that “in 73%” is attributable to the impact of the war in Ukraine, he said.

Sánchez has been convinced that the national plan of response “to Putin’s war”, approved on Tuesday in the Council of Ministers by decree, will allow to “bend the curve (inflation) and stabilize the cost of living”.

“We have a duty to respond to the war by protecting Ukraine, stopping Putin’s feet and providing the welfare of our societies. This is my commitment and that of the government, “he insisted, while assuring that Putin “knows that Russia was never threatened by NATO or Ukraine, he used Kiev’s desire to integrate NATO to justify his imperialist cravings”. ” Only he, Vladimir Putin, wants this war,” he emphasized.

Sánchez has also argued that the shock plan to cushion the effects of “Putin’s war” contains “powerful measures to protect sectors and families most affected, distribute the effects more fairly and preserve growth to the maximum”. ” The government is going to go out of its way to appease the effects”.

Finally, the socialist leader has pointed out that the war of Russia against Ukraine makes it “urgent” to increase the budget in Defense, emphasizing that it will increase progressively to 2% in the coming years.

He has argued, however, that “there is no militaristic fickleness” but for the desire to defend peace and democracy.

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