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US intelligence believes that Putin does not know what happens in the war because his advisors are afraid to tell him

todayMarch 31, 2022 4

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Vladimir Putin would be making decisions without knowing what is actually happening in the war in Ukraine. This is stated by the intelligence services of the United States, which consider that the advisers of the Russian president “are afraid to tell him the truth”.

It is no secret that the military invasion of Russia has failed according to the previous idea of an offensive handled by the Kremlin, which expected to take Kiev just a few days after launching the first attack and without having to face a real opposition. That approach was completely wrong and proof of this is the large number of casualties among the Russian ranks and the fact that they have barely been able to take two small towns and destroy, after weeks of bombardment, Mariúpol.

Putin, according to the United States, would not be aware of the true extent of the military disappointment suffered by his army. This is what White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said Wednesday evening at a press conference.

In this scenario, and given the impossibility of the Russian troops to take Kiev, Russia promised on Tuesday to stop its offensive and, even, to withdraw part of its army in the capital of Ukraine and Chernigov. A movement that, in any case, both Joe Biden and Volodymir Zelenski interpret as an addition of Putin behind which would only be the intention to regroup troops and gain time.

So much so that since this compromise was agreed Moscow has continued attacking both cities with the same intensity. At the meeting that Russia and Ukraine held two days ago in Turkey, the former pledged to significantly reduce the number of troops around Kiev and the besieged northern city of Chernigov to focus on the conquest of the Donbas, prime target of the Kremlin.

For its part, Ukrainian negotiators in Istanbul said that their country is willing to renounce membership of any military alliance, including NATO, if in return it receives written security guarantees from ten countries (United Kingdom, China, Russia, United States, France, Turkey, Germany, Canada, Poland and Israel).

Written by: BayRadio News

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