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How much will you save on petrol and diesel from now on?

todayApril 1, 2022

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From this Friday, and in principle until June 30, the cost of fuel will fall a minimum of 20 cents per liter, of which the State will assume 15 cents and the remaining 5 will be in charge of the oil companies, although some of them have announced higher discounts, such as Repsol, which announced a drop of 10 cents per liter of fuel to all customers using the Waylet app. The discount will be made directly when refueling at the petrol station.

Now the price of petrol is around 1.82 euros and the price of diesel 1.86. With the reduction of 20 cents per liter, prices will vary: 1.62 euros petrol and 1.66 diesel.

According to the calculations of the consumer associations, the reduction of fuels will save families 75 euros on average during the three months that the measure will be in force. That, for those who use gasoline. In the case of diesel, would be 65 euros of savings in total.

“The final price they will pay for fuel will continue to be higher than it was just a few weeks ago,” says David Villarreal of ‘Qué Coche Me compro’. The price of gasoline paid from Friday will be approximately the price we paid a month ago.

The average price of Type A diesel, the most used fuel in Spain, has exceeded that of 95 octane gasoline at domestic pumps. According to industry sources, the price of diesel, in service stations presents a high dependence on the prices of refined diesel.

This may be a direct consequence of the war in Ukraine, which has directly affected the fuel market, as Russia is one of the main exporters of refined diesel.

According to data from the European Union Oil Bulletin (EU) released from data between 22 and 28 March, diesel has broken a new record in the last week, rising 2.2% in that period and has reached 1.837 euros per liter, its historic maximum price.

For its part, the price of petrol has also increased and an average price of EUR 1,818 per litre has been recorded, 0.3% more than the previous week.

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