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The shopping basket continues to become more expensive: onions, tomatoes and hake rise by more than 30%

BayRadio | April 4, 2022

Prices of some fresh products continue to soar in the wholesale market. Among these increases, the increase in the price of onions stands out, 65% more than before the war in Ukraine. Tomatoes cost 40% more and cauliflower and lemons more than 20%.

The latest data from the price panel of the website ‘Mercasa’ reveals that onions have gone from selling at 0.27 euros per kilo on 22 February to 0.45 euros. Green tomatoes have risen from 1.45 euros a kilo to 2.08 euros and ripe tomatoes have raised their price from 1.15 euros a kilo to 1.64 euros. In addition, carrots sold at 0.45 euros per kilo are already sold at 0.60, with an increase of 33.2%. Fruits such as pears (+12.6%); vegetables such as artichokes (+16.4%) and potatoes (+15.5%); shellfish such as chirla (+15.7%); or meat such as white pork (+15.8%), sheep meat (+13.5%), or beef and veal (+10.6%).

For its part, the Consumers and Users Organisation (OCU) has published the results of its food price observatory. This report ensures that the price of the shopping basket has increased by 9.4%. According to data from the OCU study, the products that have risen the most have been white-label soft olive oil (53.6%) and white-label sunflower oil (49.3%), followed by the washing up liquid (49.1%) and margarine (41.5%). The rise of these products could increase the shopping basket of an average household by more than 500 € per year. Given this situation, the OCU recalls that now more than ever it is important to save and choose the cheapest establishment.

Written by BayRadio

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