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The weather in Easter 2022

BayRadio | April 4, 2022

The Easter holidays are just around the corner and after two years of pandemic in which the processions have been suspended by the health crisis, all eyes are fixed on the weather forecast for these holidays. This year the Holy Week falls in mid-April, from 10 to 17, and according to the weather trend, we can find a great variety of temperatures, although we can not yet know the exact weather forecast.

There are still several days to know for sure what the weather forecast will be for the holidays, although some meteorologists have already ventured to give their opinion. Among them, the aspiring meteorologist, Jorge Rey, who predicted the Filomena of January 2021. Jorge assures that “it is still early” to know what weather it will be in Easter 2022, although he predicts that it will be a rainy time.

This is something in which other experts agree, such as Meteored meteorologists who ensure that in the face of Easter, the rains and some snowfalls will continue to affect many regions of Spain, especially the east areas, They even claim that it will almost certainly rain in the northern part of the peninsula. Despite this information and judging by the changing weather conditions of these days and the almost winter start of this April, trends could change.

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