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Keys to knowing if your company meets the requirements to remove the mask

BayRadio | April 7, 2022
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The question is whether a recommendation can become an obligation. We go in parts. The Alert Paper, an agency under the Public Health Commission, continues to recommend the mask at work. A recommendation that encompasses these assumptions: workplaces where the safety distance from a meter and a half cannot be guaranteed or where there is no adequate ventilation.

This is where companies’ prevention services come in. These considerations need to be valued and acted upon. Can they force workers to wear masks? Experts say yes, they can do so, taking into account the safety of workers. If there are vulnerable personnel or they work in closed environments, each company can force its employees to wear the mask.

It is true that in workplaces, employees live together for about 8 hours and the risk of infection is higher, especially if one takes into account the ventilation of the place or the size of the establishment.

In Spain, most workplaces are small, with less than 50 employees and no proper control of air quality. Perhaps in these places, the risk of infection is higher. In this sense, many experts are inclined to continue with the mask beyond the day 20 of April.

We have been living with the mask for almost two years and, at this point, we know that if there is a lot of people and little ventilation, to remove them now in the office is not recommended. It could be a step backwards, according to experts. Some say it’s not the time yet. Despite the fact that 30 million people are vaccinated in Spain and the incidence continues to fall, the data for those over 60 years of age is around 400 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

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