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The keys to the meeting between Pedro Sánchez and King Mohamed VI

todayApril 8, 2022 4

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The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the King of Morocco, Mohamed VI, seal a reconciliation between two countries, which hope to have left behind the lived crisis. ” We started a new journey in our long history shared between Spain and Morocco,” said Sánchez.

Morocco and Spain have staged their reconciliation after 10 months of the diplomatic crisis, which began when Spain hosted the leader of the Polisario Front, Brahim Gali. The two leaders have agreed the so-called ‘New stage of the partnership between Spain and Morocco’, where they talk of 16 points.

Both have committed themselves to establishing a bilateral relationship based on communication, transparency, mutual respect and signed decisions, in a 16-point agreement. It has agreed a high-level summit before the end of the year.

Another agreement is the gradual reopening of the Ceuta and Melilla border crossings to ensure an orderly flow of people in safety. They re-establish maritime and traffic links, including appropriate customs and personnel controls.

It has been announced the reopening of customs in Melilla, which was closed in 2018 by Morocco, and the creation of one in Ceuta. However, no date has been set for this.

In this approach, preparations will begin for operation Strait Passage/Marhaba. This is planning between the two countries to coordinate the arrival of a large number of people.

The letter sent by Pedro Sánchez to the King of Morocco has been key in this meeting between the two. This journey marks a before and after to the turn over of the Sahara.

The agreement states that Spain “recognizes the importance of the question of Western Sahara for Morocco”, together with Morocco’s efforts to “find a mutually acceptable solution”. In addition, it is indicated that the country “considers the Moroccan autonomy initiative as the most serious, realistic and credible basis”.

Both countries will work together against crime, terrorism and organised crime, as well as illegal immigration. Spain and Morocco signed this agreement in 2019 and it will enter into force on the 30th.

Collaboration includes the exchange of information and the provision of assistance in operational research activity. Although each country may reject all or part or put conditions to the realization of the request for assistance or information if it considers that it represents a threat to its sovereignty or to its security.

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