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A Loud Explosion in Times Square Causes Panic in New York

BayRadio | April 11, 2022
Times Square Sewer Explosion

A series of heavy explosions have been recorded in three sewers in Times Square, New York. There have been no injuries, but panic among people in the area, fearing a possible terrorist attack.

Emergency services and police closed the area where the explosions occurred. The New York Fire Department (FDNY) confirmed that the incident was due to an explosion inside the sewer system in the vicinity of Times Square.

Services flocked to the area to rule out another explosion risk, FDNY reported. Firefighters are investigating if there was any carbon monoxide build-up in the sewers.

They also searched the buildings near the disaster to verify that there were no injuries, according to the ‘CBS’ network. The area is cordoned off and closed for private access.

A number of people in Times Square recorded what happened. A young woman was caught running after the explosion. The video shows she’s bewilderment without knowing what was going on. Hundreds of people are seen running away from the explosions recorded in Times Square without knowing what was going on.

The area has been the epicenter of previous attacks on previous occasions, so it is not surprising the panic generated after the explosions. Last year 2021, a man opened fire and injured three people.

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