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News in the case of Esther López after 48 hours of search at the home of the main suspect in Traspinedo

BayRadio | April 11, 2022
Esther López

This Sunday the records continue in Traspinedo, Valladolid, on the properties of one of Esther López’s friends. He is the last person to see the young woman alive on the night of her death. They try to clarify their possible involvement in the hit and run that, according to the autopsy, caused Esther’s death. In addition to his home and his two family businesses, a travel agency and a real estate agency, they could search his ex-wife’s home.

Esther disappeared on the night of January 13. Before finding the dead body, four searches were made by the town, located about 20 kilometers from Valladolid, which ended without result, until a walker located the body in a ditch. Her body was next to her purse, her cell phone intact and clean of prints. The preliminary results of the autopsy revealed that the woman suffered a broken hip and multiple bruises that indicated the possibility that she had been dragged by a vehicle, without knowing when it could have occurred.

Now they’re looking for any DNA samples that might link the victim to the suspect. They started with this house, but everything points to the fact that they will continue with the records of their companies and another flat in Valladolid.

There are several hypotheses that are being considered in this unsolved crime. The first is that the young woman could have been run over on her way home. Another line of research with which experts work is that she could have suffered a violent death, hence the injuries to the hip and the whiplash.

Miguel Lopez, the father of Esther Lopez, discards the first theory since he does not believe that the young woman will walk home due to the cold of that day: “She was the coldest girl in the world”.

In addition, he says that if it is finally confirmed that his daughter was killed, it was not in the place where the body is: “Someone must have taken her there”.

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