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Prefabricated wooden houses, a small help for those who lost their home to the volcano of La Palma

BayRadio | April 11, 2022
Ceniza La Palma

The Old Summit left many families homeless in La Palma, 7 months later, some of those neighbors have been able to access a new and temporary home, as they are building prefabricated wooden houses in which they can rebuild their lives.

A beginning full of illusion for those families who lost their only home and all that was in it.

Now and provisionally for 3 years they have at least the closest thing to a home. Many families lost their homes under the volcano in Todoque and so far have been living in a caravan: “I raised my children there and also my grandchildren,” says one affected.

José and Jessica saw 7 months ago how their illusions collapsed: “I was building the house during 20 years and in 10 seconds it was gone”. Now they have some illusion again, they have just received the keys to their new home, 74 square meters, three rooms, a living room-kitchen and two bathrooms, for the whole family.

“We can fit, it’s big, we can fit my children and my granddaughters,” says José. They have received one of the first wooden houses of the 36 that will be delivered: “Today’s step is very important because it gives them a stability during these years that the reconstruction takes,” says Candelaria Delgado, social worker of housing.

In total, some 309 new homes for families like José and Jessica, continue to dream.

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