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Key days in the investigation of the Esther Lopez case

BayRadio | April 12, 2022
Esther López

The Scientific Police continues on Monday the third day of registration at the home of the last person who saw Esther López de la Rosa alive, the 35-year-old girl disappeared on January 13 in Traspinedo, Valladolid. According to Oscar’s version, he left her at a crossroads after arguing with her because he wanted to continue partying. Investigators are searching the suspect’s house for biological evidence, they want to know if he was able to hide her body there.

The DNA sample that the Guardia Civil collected from the interior of the boot of Oscar’s car was so minimal that it forced the specialists to choose between two options before consuming it completely during the analysis. They determined who owned that DNA or used the sample to reveal whether the DNA came from a stain of blood, saliva or other fluid. The Guards opted for the heavier option and discovered that the DNA from the boot of Oscar’s off-road car belonged to his friend Esther.

Today the canine guides have been incorporated. The officers of the Judicial Police and the Eye Inspection Unit have already spent three days in the house of the relatives of Óscar S. doing an exhaustive job in search of DNA remains that prove that the young woman was in that place of the Urbanization El Romeral. The main suspect is collaborating with the Guardia Civil.

The body of Esther was located by a passer-by on February 5 in a ditch located next to the Tuduero polygon, on the provincial road VP-2003, less than a kilometer from the point of the N-122 that marks the detour and access to the municipality of Traspinedo. The autopsy carried out resulted in a broken hip, internal injuries and numerous bruises.

Next Wednesday, April 13, marks three months since the disappearance of Esther López de la Rosa, date on which a new demonstration in support of her family will be held. The act of remembrance for the 35-year-old woman who was found dead on February 5 has been programmed under the name “Justice for Esther and her family”.

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