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Work from Tuesday to Sunday with a contract of 10 hours for 800 euros, the outrageous job offer in Elche

BayRadio | April 12, 2022
Waitress Carrying Three Plates With Meat Dish

With the celebration of Easter, after two years of halt by the pandemic, many in the hospitality sector have reopened the doors of their businesses. They hope to recover what was lost during the coronavirus crisis. Despite good forecasts, they complain these days that they do not find workers. However, the candidates claim that the conditions offered sometimes border on illegality.

Employers say that there is a lack of qualified professionals and workers explain that the problem lies in precarious offers. A final example of this is the outrageous offer published by a bar in Elche: work from Tuesday to Sunday with a contract of 10 hours for 800 euros per month.

The employment situation in the hospitality sector is accompanied by a strong temporality and always conditioned by the work forecasts of each season. These two characteristics allow many to take advantage to offer offers with very low wages and in which what is agreed in the contract is not met.

There are many who have worked in the hospitality industry for years and recognize that these types of ads are recurrent: “I worked from Monday to Monday without vacations,” says one employee.

Paco is dedicated to hospitality since the age of 16 and says he has seen everything: “They always want to pay under the table and without a contract”, complains.

However, for entrepreneurs who do meet all the conditions the problem is that you have to work on holidays and weekends and not all are willing: “People who are good are working and it is complicated,” they warn.

To this situation must be added that from the sector demand greater preparation and professionalism: “Waiters are found but they are not professionals”, they detail.

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