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Russia gives another ultimatum to Ukrainian forces to surrender in Mariupol

BayRadio | April 19, 2022

Ukrainian forces do not surrender in Mariúpol, besieged by the Russian armed forces. Russia has given this Tuesday another ultimatum to the Ukrainian Army to lay down their weapons until noon in exchange for saving their lives.

“All who lay down their weapons are guaranteed the preservation of life,” said the head of the National Defence Control Center of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Mizintsev.

Russia proposes to establish from 13:00 (10.00 GMT) a continuous communication channel between the two countries for the exchange of information.

“Once again, we call on the official authorities in Kiev to show caution, give the appropriate instructions to the militants to stop the senseless resistance and abandon the center of the resistance” in Azovstal, he said.

If Kiev does not give the order, Ukrainian defenders must “make that decision for themselves and lay down their weapons,” he said.

The Mariúpol authorities say that the Ukrainian resistance continues and that Mariúpol, besieged by the Russian army, has not yet fallen under the full control of Russia, despite the heavy shelling.

“The occupation troops not only dropped bombs on the Azovstal plant, but also chaotically bombed the residential neighborhoods of the city, where they only recently allowed the return of civilians,” said the mayor of the town.

In addition, the mayor also claims that there is a “new wave of looting” by the Russians.

The city of Mariúpol is located in a strategic area for the Russian army that intends to unite its forces from the Crimean peninsula to the Donbas region, border with Russia.

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