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The Guardia Civil warns of a scam that supplants the DGT to pay a false fine

BayRadio | April 19, 2022
Scam Dgt

If you receive an email claiming to be the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT), you must be careful. The Guardia Civil has warned of a new type of scam related to false traffic fines. Scammers use a fraudulent email campaign, known as a phishing method, with which they impersonate the DGT.

This email carries the logo of the entity and the Ministry of Interior, and sends a message in which you can read: “You have a pending fine”, and then put a link that leads you to the alleged notification, which of course is false.

When the scam victim ‘clicks’ on this link, he automatically downloads a malware on the device. That is, a malicious program that is capable of stealing your personal and financial data. So, in this way, scammers can access your usernames and passwords to enter all kinds of platforms and social networks, including the bank’s website.

Also, scammers usually use this type of methods during holidays, as for example in Easter, since it is common for many people to make long journeys with their vehicles on those dates. Therefore, one of the agencies that has reported this action, the OSI, has warned that, if the ‘malware’ has been executed or simply downloaded, the device has been automatically infected. The Internet Security Office ensures that, to solve this problem, it is advisable to go to the download folder and delete the file, as well as delete the mail from the inbox.

In any case, once both steps have been completed, the organization stresses the importance of scanning the device with an antivirus to know the real state of the device and demonstrate whether its use is safe.

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