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What day do they remove masks in interiors?

BayRadio | April 19, 2022
No Masks Indoors

With the vaccination rate and the downward trend of coronavirus positives and deaths, the return to normalcy is closer than ever. For this reason, from this Wednesday, April 20, the obligation to wear a mask indoors after more than two years of pandemic ends, although there are certain spaces in which it should continue to be used.

This measure has long been approved in several countries within and outside the European Union such as Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Poland and the United States.

Sanidad has taken this decision due to the good evolution of epidemiological data, but the use of the mask is still recommended for the most vulnerable groups as the pandemic has not ended and the coronavirus continues to mutate and circulate freely.

As announced by Carolina Darias, the use of masks indoors will be maintained in some areas for reasons of risk and vulnerability to Covid-19. “Masks will no longer be mandatory indoors, except in some cases where we think they are absolutely essential,” confirmed the Minister of Health.

These are centers, services and health facilities, pharmacies and public transport And at work? In such cases, it will be up to the firms to determine what action to take.

They will also no longer be compulsory in schools, but each autonomous community will decide how to implement the measure. For example, Catalonia proposes to eliminate its use in primary and secondary, but Andalusia recommends maintaining it.

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