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The main suspect in the death of Esther Lopez, called to testify next Monday

BayRadio | April 20, 2022
Esther López

The main suspect in the death of Esther López de la Rosa has been called to testify next Monday. This has been decreed by the head of the Court of Investigation number 5 of Valladolid, Soledad Ortega, in charge of the investigation into the death of the young woman in Traspinedo, Valladolid.

The magistrate has summoned Oscar, the main suspect and the last person who saw Esther alive. In addition to the summons for 25 April, the investigating judge has also announced her willingness to bring to the attention of the lawyers the proceedings carried out during the case, with the exception of 18 events, of more than 600, which continue under secrecy.

The resolution comes days after the end of the search in the house and estate of Óscar in Traspinedo in search of DNA remains of the deceased. The samples collected at the home by the Judicial Police of the Armed Institute and several parts of his car have been sent to Madrid for an in-depth analysis.

The autopsy revealed that Esther López had suffered serious injuries to her hip, so the line of investigation then pointed to the hypothesis that she was run over on the N-122 road, which was where the body was found.

However, the young woman’s father, Miguel López, is convinced that his daughter was murdered elsewhere and that the alleged murderer has tried to erase all traces of evidence. According to Miguel, the killer had his daughter dying for eight hours until she finally died: “My daughter has been murdered and that’s it. According to five forensic experts, Esther could have been saved. Eight hours they had her dying and left her to die”.

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