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Esther Lopez’s autopsy confirms that the hit-and-run was not the cause of death

BayRadio | April 21, 2022
Esther Lopez

The proceedings that the Court of Investigation number 5 of Valladolid has placed in the hands of the parties continue to point to the outrage and that it was not the cause of death. This would be the hypothermia suffered by Esther Lopez in the hours after impact.

These are some of the conclusions gathered and have been transferred to the public and private accusations and the defenses of the three investigated. The death of the 35-year-old girl, who died on January 13 in Traspinedo, in Valladolid, remains unclear. The body was not found until 24 days later in a ditch half a kilometer away on the access road to the town.

Investigations suggest that the victim was run over on the night of her death, when she was wandering along the right-hand side of the road towards the town. The impact would have been “medium or low speed”, without it having enough force to cause death, sources tell Europa Press.

Esther Lopez’s death was produced a posteriori by a possible conjunction of factors, such as shock or hypothermia.

The investigations of the Guradia Civil allude to the fact that if the body was moved, it would have occurred in the hours following the attack. They do not rule out that the location of the events was different from the scene where the body was found.

The now main suspect was summoned to testify next Monday as an investigator.

The investigation focuses on this suspect, who was allegedly the last to see her alive that night. His mobile and the deceased’s were practically disconnected from the network at the same time. Although they also include two more people as investigators, also neighbors of Traspinedo.

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