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Esther López’s friend, suspected of her death, gave a version of the facts of “poor credibility”

BayRadio | April 22, 2022
Esther Lopez

The agents of the Guardia Civil investigating the case of the death of Esther López in Traspinedo (Valladolid) have been able to corroborate the “serious contradiction” and the “poor credibility” of the version offered by the main suspect in the case. They have been able to confirm this by triangulating the positioning of the mobile phones of both and inspecting the car of the investigated friend. Inside the vehicle, “genetic profiles” of the 35-year-old girl have been found in the opening of the boot.

The text of the report to which the Europa Press agency has had access highlights that the investigators of the Department of Crime against People of the Central Operational Unit (UCO) and the Judicial Police of the Command of Valladolid asked the Court of Investigation number 5 of Valladolid to authorize new proceedings. Among the proceedings, it was possible to record the conversations on the public road of the suspect and his environment, in parallel to the summons between 6 and 8 April.

The report reflects that the suspect “downplayed” the alert of friends. The police distrust the suspect’s story because “it is illogical since Oscar was aware of the isolated place where Esther allegedly got out of the vehicle”. The incoherent activity of the suspect’s motive in the early hours of the disappearance of Esther López de la Rosa, makes the authorities distrustful.

They also distrust the activation of the airplane mode, offline, both Esther Lopez’s phone and his. This occurred between 6:31 and 8:55 hours and 6:34 and 9:10 hours. The researchers point out that “it can be inferred that the absence of connections in Esther’s terminal, in a time span very similar to that of Óscar, could have been caused to hide the geopositioning of both terminals”.

An autopsy of the body of the young woman found dead in Traspinedo revealed that the hit-and-run was not the cause of death. Esther López was run over, but researchers point out that the impact “would have been at medium or low speed”, without sufficient force to cause death. The main investigation focuses on the main suspect.

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