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Oscar’s car key could be key to clarify the causes of Esther López’s death

BayRadio | April 26, 2022
Esther Lopez

The key to the car of Oscar, a friend of Esther López and investigated for his alleged involvement in the murder of the woman of Traspinedo, could serve to clarify the crime since, according to the police, those keys hold vital information for the case, such as the geolocation of Oscar’s vehicle during the days when Esther lost her life.

It happens, however, that the keys do not appear and that the ones delivered by Oscar to the Police are a copy of them. The Court of Investigation Number 5 of Valladolid, which is in charge of the proceedings, summoned him last Monday to testify.

Oscar, apparently, was one of the last people who saw her alive in the early hours of January 13. Hence he is under investigation along with two other friends of the woman who lost her life, Carolo and Ramón, was last detained for six days and released with a series of measures, such as the inability to leave Spain, a ban that the judge lifted on April 22.

The three were on the afternoon of January 12 in a bar in Traspinedo (Valladolid) watching a football match, after which, early in the morning, Oscar, as he stated himself, took Esther to a crossing of the urbanization El Romeral of this town, in which the victim resided and in which she was found dead in a ditch on February 5.

The main suspect for the death of Esther López in the town of Valladolid de Traspinedo went to the courts to testify in a grey vehicle. He has testified for 45 minutes and has responded to all parties.

On the main suspect, the prosecution had requested provisional detention, a bail of 60,000 euros or detention of 3 days until the Guardia Civil finished the proceedings. However, the prosecutor did not agree and the judge rejected the measures.

In addition to the summons, the investigator partially lifted the gag order and transferred to the parties the various proceedings thus far, with the exception of 18 “events” out of a total of more than 600 in the case.

The judge also lifted the precautionary measures that still weighed on Ramón G, so that he has a free hand to leave the national territory if that were his wish. In fact, the judge has ordered the return of his passport.

The focus of the investigations is focused on Oscar S.M, who allegedly was the person who last saw Esther Lopez alive the night of the events and who who in his vehicle, always according to the version provided to the Guardia Civil, after arguing with her because she wanted to party and he preferred to go home. The proceedings of the Guardia Civil indicate that there are “serious contradictions” and “little credibility” in the version of the investigated.

The finding of genetic profile of the suspect, the victim and an unidentified third person, in the left part of the trunk of his tourism, the striking fact that the mobiles of Oscar and Esther went ‘airplane mode’ coinciding practically during a specific period in later hours, the washing of the vehicle that same morning and the two trips that same day, in the afternoon and at night, carried out the investigation from Valladolid to his home in Traspinedo are part of the numerous suspicions that loom over the person of Oscar and his alleged involvement in the death of the young woman.

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