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Mass assault on Mataró Local Police after fining a man who had double parked

BayRadio | April 28, 2022
Mass Assault On Mataró

The Rocafoda neighborhood of Mataró has been the scene of serious riots against the Local Police this Tuesday afternoon, just after law enforcement agents arrested a man who had confronted them while they fined a car that was double parked. From there, hundreds of people, mostly of Moroccan origin, came to the place and began a pitched battle.

The incident began around 20:00 hours, when a Local Police patrol was about to fine a man double-parked on Pablo Picasso Street. The driver refused to identify himself and reacted in a hostile manner towards the police forces, shouting and making a fuss. That situation caused hundreds of people to gather to observe what was happening.

The atmosphere heated to such an extent that those who had approached began to throw objects at the police, some even did so from their balcony. The police were attacked with stones, garbage, plates, bottles and even a motorcycle helmet. As a result, the officers had to withdraw immediately and call for reinforcements.

The riots continued until nightfall, and even ended with a burning container, a fact that the police are still investigating. Finally, the man who provoked the altercations was arrested and the police have opened an investigation to identify and locate the participants of the riot.

From the City of Mataró, Mayor David Bote (PSC) has urged that strongly condemns the incident, and ensures that in the Catalan city “no violent behaviors fit, wherever they come from” and has advanced that they will take measures so that events like this Tuesday do not recur.

Written by BayRadio

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