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Police rescue a bride on her wedding day in Malaga

BayRadio | May 3, 2022
Bride Malaga

It could be an excerpt from the movie “Bride on the Run”, but reality almost always surpasses fiction. In Churriana, Malaga, the Local Police have “rescued” a bride who was about to get married. The fact is that the bride-to-be had her car broken down on her way to the altar.

Two agents who were circulating in the area and who found the bride and godmother on the road with the broken nuptial vehicle offered their help to take them to the place where the liaison was to be held.

The event, scheduled for 13:00 this past Sunday, finally could be held. After that, she was very grateful: “Thank you very much to the Local Police,” the bride added with a smile. ” You’re welcome, we’re here for that too,” one of the agents replied.

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