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The witness who found the body of Esther Lopez gives a revealing fact about the case

BayRadio | May 4, 2022
Esther Lopez

José María is 47 years old and is from Salamanca. He is the person who found the body of Esther López on February 5 in Traspinedo. He travelled from his city to join the search for the young girl, but he did it individually. This data has come to light after the lifting of the secrecy of summary of his statement to the Guardia Civil.

“I arrived around 9:30 and parked the car in the restaurant ‘La Maña’. I didn’t know Esther at all”. After walking through several roads he reached the bend on which the body of Esther López was found: “About fifteen meters past the crossing, at first sight, I observed the body of a person. I was facing away. I called immediately to warn. A Guardia Civil car arrived. During the time I was waiting, no one manipulated the body or approached it,” he told the agents.

There is doubt whether the body was always there or was moved. Esther’s cell phone showed up next to her body with no fingerprints, which indicates it was cleaned.

In the early hours of 12 to 13 January, Esther disappeared. Her father reported her missing four days later. The search begins in the area. Days pass. The Guardia Civil describes the case as ‘high risk’. A suspect is arrested on 22 January. His home and car are searched. No sign of the girl. The judge decrees provisional release. They investigate the friend who said he left her alone in the middle of the road.

The investigation continues, and in parallel the analysis of the security cameras in the area and Esther’s mobile. The researchers are surprised at the time it takes them to travel the four kilometers that is normally done in six minutes. They also know that they make a stop for which they have no explanation.

At the moment there have been no further arrests, but there are several lines of investigation open.

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