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Concern in Bilbao in case the ‘homosexual killer’ returns

todayMay 5, 2022

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Police officers are immersed in a brutal case in Bilbao where they are looking for a serial killer of homosexuals. The killer drugged his victims, emptied their accounts and killed them. He could be behind eight murders in a city living days of unrest and uncertainty. The Ertzaintza -Basque police- has targeted a young man between 20 and 30 years old as the main suspect. To the four deaths at the end of 2021 could be added more deaths considered initially deaths by natural cause.

Police investigators are joining forces to continue to shed light on a case that began with a complaint in October 2021 from the family of a 43-year-old neighbour of Bilbao. Movements of thousands of euros were detected in the account of the deceased man according to the authorities. The complaint led to a second analysis of the samples taken during the autopsy, at which time the presence of traces of liquid ecstasy was revealed in the body. According to the newspaper ‘ABC’, the Police detailed that one of the last movements of the deceased had been to meet a man who he had met via a dating app.

In December 2021, the investigation continued to gain strength when another individual reported an assault on his home by a young man with whom he had been left in the same way as the deceased of 43 years. The victim managed to escape and ask his neighbors for help when the assailant tried to strangle him, according to the Basque newspaper ‘El Correo’. The alleged assailant fled, however, he left behind a very revealing object that solidifies the theory of the police: He left a backpack with his documentation and liquid ecstasy.

The suspect tried to contact the victim to apologize and regain his trust, but the victim did not hesitate to report the incident. Thanks to the complaint, new points have emerged in the investigation and the investigators seek to discover how many are the victims of the serial killer in Bilbao, initially attributed to natural causes.

It is a rather complex process, as it is very complicated to link deaths without signs of violence, attributed to natural causes and without poisoning with a possible murder. The Basque newspaper reports that between four and eight murders could have been perpetrated by the young suspect. The Police have suspicions that there is a connection to three other deaths of people who had an account on dating apps between September and October 2021.

The Basque Country Police has asked the State Security Corps and Forces to cooperate if there is another similar investigation open in other parts of Spain. There are suspicions that the killer may have acted in Madrid or in the Valencian Community. The young man has an arrest warrant as the main suspect in the case.

Written by: BayRadio News

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