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Calviño assures that the Government will remove fuel bonuses if operators block the aid with high prices

BayRadio | May 6, 2022
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The vice president warned on Thursday that the Executive will end the bonus of 20 cents to lower the cost of fuel if operators absorb it and maintain prices. The vice president assured that they will analyze which measures of the decree are being more effective in assessing a possible extension of the same.

“If we see that some measure maintains prices because the operators are absorbing the aid, we will not continue with that aid,” said Calviño, when asked if it has any indication that this is happening with the fuel bonus, she has simply replied that the government “is following the fuel market very closely”, as is the electricity market.

Calviño claims that the Government will use all the available instruments so that the companies do not stop the price decreases and, in fact, has recalled that it has already been urged to the National Commission of the Markets and the Competition (CNMC) to investigate any possible conduct that may be preventing prices from falling.

“In the same way we are working closely with the INE to use all the legal instruments at our disposal to respond to the extraordinary situation we are living,” she said.

The vice president asks energy companies to “lower the price of electricity” and provide the National Statistics Institute (INE) the data they have been asked to put an end to high gas prices and so can reflect the price of electricity.

“We’ve been trying for months to get that detailed data. There’s an electricity company that hasn’t given the data and we need everyone to help. The message I am sending is to urge energy companies to step up to lower fuel prices, lower the price of energy on the wholesale market and for the CPI to reflect real prices well”, emphasized Calviño, who did not want to provide the name of the company that has not yet sent the data to the INE.

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