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Epidemiologist Oriol Mitjá: “30% of the Spanish population could be infected with coronavirus in the coming weeks”

BayRadio | May 10, 2022
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The epidemiologist Oriol Mitjá, advisor on coronavirus of the autonomous government of Catalonia, has warned about a new wave after the daily increases in the cumulative incidence and relaxation of restrictions and behavior of people.

The pandemic has not yet ended, contagions continue to increase and according to the latest update of the Ministry of Health, the current incidence in over 60 years of age continues to grow, being at the moment above 790 cases. This represents an increase of 114 points compared to the data provided on the last day, whose cumulative incidence was 676.43. For its part, 25% of the tests carried out are positive, this means that “the actual incidence is between three and four times higher than what had been detected,” explains Oriol.

Vulnerable people are of particular concern to the doctor. ” People over 60 have had far fewer natural infections than children and young people. Therefore, the elderly may be at greater risk”.

The non-obligatory use of masks indoors seems to be the trigger of what some experts warn of the seventh wave.

Oriol has alerted through his Twitter account of what can happen in the coming weeks with the omicron variant. ” Ómicron is a variant with vaccine escape with the potential to infect up to 60-70% of the population. 30% were infected at Christmas, 30% will be free and 30% can be infected now,” he said.

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