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How to differentiate Monkeypox from other skin diseases?

BayRadio | May 25, 2022

Spain has one of the largest outbreaks of monkey pox detected outside the endemic countries of Africa. With more than 50 confirmed positive cases, health authorities warn of the importance of tracing the chain of transmission to detect the origin of the outbreak. The external outbreak extends from Europe to Canada, the United States and Australia.

The increase in cases has set off alarms among the health authorities that are debating between recommending the quarantine of those infected and stockpiling the vaccine. Decisions which now hang on the conclusions of epidemiological surveillance.

How the disease spreads

Monkeypox is spread through close contact with a person or animal infected with the disease. The chances of infection increase in the case of exposure to drops, whether through saliva, respiratory excretion, injury exudate or scab material.

First symptoms and evolution of the disease

The first symptoms usually appear in the form of general exhaustion, fever and discomfort. In this period there may be inflammation of the lymph nodes in some area of the body. This discomfort, which can last for several days, ends up leading to the formation of pustules on the skin that can cause pain, although they usually do not produce as much itching as the chickenpox.

The evolution of the disease is usually good and the usual thing is that it does not lead to a serious ending and is overcome after a few weeks. Smallpox vaccine or antiviral treatments can help slow down symptoms of the disease.

Protocol for reporting positive cases

In the event that a person detects that he or she has symptoms compatible with monkeypox, the Ministry of Health recommends that those affected contact their health centre and follow a home isolation. The recommendation calls for the prevention of contact with humans and animals until the rashes disappear, as well as the use of the mask to prevent the spread.

If you have symptoms of a skin condition and doubt if it may be monkeypox you should be evaluated by a doctor.

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