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Congress Passes ‘Only Yes Is Yes’ Law, Including Mandatory Sex Education for Minors and Jail for Broadcasting Intimate Videos

BayRadio | May 27, 2022
Only Yes Is Yes

The Congress of Deputies has approved the ‘Only Yes Is Yes’ law, a sexual freedom law that includes several innovations such as compulsory sex education for minors, the prohibition of advertisements that promote prostitution, and punishment by imprisonment for the dissemination of images or videos with intimate contents.

The law is advancing towards the Senate after the majority of Congress has shown its support for the law with 201 votes in favor, 140 against (PP and Vox) and 3 abstentions.

There will also be a channel available, guaranteed by the Spanish Data Protection Agency, that offers the possibility to report illegal content found on the Internet.

This new law on sexual freedom is the product of a series of amendments added a week ago in the Equality Commission, where it was about to fall but it ended up coming out in extremis thanks to precisely these amendments.

The Government’s aim was to reduce cases of sexual assault and abuse, which had unfortunately increased throughout the country in recent weeks.

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, has assured that it is a “very important day for women” because the “only yes is yes” or “the sister I do believe you” become a law. ” We will change violence for freedom and fear for desire,” Montero said.

She also wanted to thank the political parties for their support and for having an “honest and rigorous” debate.

The Act retains the amendment of the Penal Code to eliminate the distinction between abuse and sexual assault. It also makes explicit consent the key to prosecuting sex crimes.

Advertising or promoting prostitution will be prohibited and victims of sexual violence will be granted the right to residence and work.

One of the amendments adopted is that minors who commit sexual offences will be obliged to conduct training programmes on sex education.

Written by BayRadio