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Unemployment falls by 99,512 in May and falls from 3 million for the first time since 2008

BayRadio | June 2, 2022

Unemployment fell in May 2022 below three million: it stood at 2,922,991 unemployed people listed in the register of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE). The number has not fallen below the 3 million unemployed since December 2008.

Unemployment has fallen by 3.29%, 99,512 people in May. Figures that, compared to the month of May of the previous year (2021), the total number of unemployed has decreased by 858,259 people (-22.7%). In seasonally adjusted terms, unemployment fell by 41,069.

Unemployment data by sector are also falling. Compared to April, unemployment is falling in all:

  • Services: 64,230 (-3.02%)
  • Construction: 10,008 (-4.13%)
  • Agriculture: 8,693 (-5.92%)
  • Industry: 7,968 (-3.18%)
  • Collective Without Employment Previous: 8,613 (-3.36%).

Unemployment also fell in all communities, compared to May 2021, especially in the Balearic Islands (-52%), the Canary Islands (-30%) and Catalonia (-28%).

Unemployment among young people under 25 also fell in May by 21,973, almost -10% on the previous month.

Year-on-year, under-25s are the age group that benefits most from the reduction in unemployment, which falls by 38.1% in this group. As a result of this decline, the number of unemployed under 25 is reduced to 199,920, the lowest figure in the historical series.

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