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Telefónica España will offer the four-day working week to all its employees

BayRadio | June 8, 2022

Telefónica España will offer its entire staff a new four-day working week model. The model is included in the extension of the Second Linked Companies Agreement (CEV), agreed with the unions in 2021. Employees will work 32 hours a week, eight hours a day.

In recent months there has been a successful pilot and it is now ready to be extended to all workers. This pilot began at the end of last year with a model of four working days a week that aimed to revolutionize working relationships. 150 workers voluntarily joined this experiment, a number which, according to the company, was sufficient to assess the effectiveness of the equipment and possible adjustments.

Telefónica will contact employees who are already on the pilot test to see if they continue with this model. Later, the company will notify other employees by email of the possibility of voluntarily enrolling in this initiative baptized as “Flexible Weekly Bonus Day”.

The deadline to register for the Flexible Weekly Bonus Day ends on July 15 and its incorporation is September 1. As of January 2023, the company is considering the option of having annual deadlines since they intend to last over time.

Telefónica is committed to flexibility and telework with the option of two days a week with work from home and several alternatives of Smart Work for work in mobility, alternatives that have been applauded by all employees.

Telefónica España announced this proposal the same week in which another 70 UK companies start a test for the four-day workweek, reopening the debate on the flexibility and feasibility of doing so without reducing workers’ pay.

Written by BayRadio

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