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AEMET warns of the extreme risk of forest fires in the vast majority of the country

BayRadio | June 14, 2022
Aemet Warning

The State Meteorological Agency today published a map of fire risk forecasts. Due to the high temperatures throughout the peninsula and a heat wave that threatens the country, almost the entire national territory is at extreme risk of fire.

That is, all the territory that comes in red, the most dangerous level there is, Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, and also small areas of the Mediterranean coast. In the islands, there is extreme risk in the Balearic Islands, in the island of Mallorca and in the Canary Islands, in Tenerife.

From Aemet they recommend to have a more detailed monitoring of the situation and to update possible warnings of predictions and adverse phenomena. All of them are available on their website. The Agency provides these forest fire risk levels from meteorological data and numerical weather prediction models.

Due to weather conditions, the time of high fire danger begins, increasing the risk of fire onset and spread. A full deployment of existing means is advised to suffocate and regulate those uses or activities that may cause fire or increase the risk of its occurrence. This translates into a number of constraints for sectors such as agriculture, livestock and outdoor recreation. For example, to burn stubble and remains of the crop after harvest it is necessary to ask permission, nor is the burning of pruning remains is allowed. These measures have been in force since 23 May and, with a few exceptions, these stubble burning and outdoor barbecues are prohibited.

For Wednesday and Thursday, the uncertainty regarding the evolution of temperatures increases, but slight changes are expected. ” It is likely to continue the rise of temperatures in many areas of the northern half, with some slight decline in points of Andalusia and the southeast, and on Thursday, in the far west of the peninsula,” Aemet said in a statement.

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