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How schools fight the heat wave: awnings, creams and students sprayed with water

BayRadio | June 15, 2022
Heatwave School

The heat wave is expected to last until next Saturday, June 18, according to the AEMET. High temperatures will continue during these days.

Schools have sharpened their wits to help students cope with the stifling heat. How? With awnings, sunscreens to avoid burns or those responsible by pouring water on students to cool them.

The installation of awnings or roofing some recreation areas so that students can stay in the shade are some of the options that schools make.

“We are working with prevention for all complications that may arise with a heat stroke,” says school nurse J.H. Newman, Mamen Gallego.

They insist on the hydration of the students, “they are invited to bring their cap, their sun cream, their bottle of daily water”. Exposure to the sun is also avoided.

“If any issue of dizziness arises, that they are ill, they come to me,” says the school nurse.

There is no protocol by the Ministry of Education for such cases. ” This wave has come very improvised, but it is true that the centers are not adapted to these temperatures that are like the ones during the month of August”.

From the school infirmary some cases have been recorded in students with discomfort, headache, intense heat and intense heart rate: “Not many, but we had some yesterday,” explains Mamen Gallego.

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