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“Highly critical” situation in Navarre due to fires that have forced the eviction of 13 localities

BayRadio | June 20, 2022

The fire continues to encircle Navarre, where 13 localities have been evicted and according to the foral government, the situation is “highly critical”. It’s already three days with uncertainty by the fires that are devastating the area and now the fire that was declared on Saturday there have been another four added, which forced to evacuate some areas because of its proximity. Besides, the flames are approaching Pamplona.

More than 700 people from a dozen towns have been evacuated from their homes because of the fires that broke out last Saturday in Navarre. As explained by the Provincial Executive, those who are particularly concerned are the two that affect a wide area north of Puente la Reina and the area of Olleta and San Martín de Unx, whose evolution seems not to be favorable.

The president of Navarra, María Chivite to the headquarters of SOS Navarra to know the information of those responsible for the operation who are working on the extinguishing of fires, which includes all the available resources of the Autonomous Community and those ceded by the State and other autonomous communities.

The Government of Navarre called the spokespersons of the parliamentary groups to a meeting on Monday in the Palace of Navarre where they will be informed about the situation that the community is going through and the work of the firefighting devices.

Vice President Javier Remírez said that the situation in Navarre is “very complex”, although he added that “there is good news”, such as that there are no new fire lights and that there are no complaints of personal injury in localities or companies. In addition, he was hopeful in the change from wind to north.

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