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Disagreement among carriers in the vote on strikes: “Working like this is not feasible”

BayRadio | June 27, 2022

There will be assemblies throughout Spain, the carriers decide if they go on strike or if they decide to give a vote of confidence to the government, what is clear is that there is still no clear decision.

The positions are very divided and the decision will be known in the coming days. At the moment, some sectors are trying to collect material to avoid shortages.

Yesterday the carriers voted and in the next coming days we will know the result and the decision so we will know if the autonomous truck drivers again make new mobilizations, but there is division between the provincial assemblies. Some are in favour of starting the work strikes and others are in favour of giving the Government a vote of confidence, to which they are asking for responsibilities so that it can act urgently and the problem can be definitively resolved.

“We look forward to ending this labor dispute and working with a guarantee of not losing money, which is the main thing,” explains Manuel Hernández, president of the National Transport Platform.

Written by BayRadio

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